“These guys at Destiny Gurus are amazing!! They streamed raids  for me on all 3 of my characters and had me laughing the whole entire time! They made it look so damn easy!”- Sarah H.


“I’ve had a hard time finding people to raid with on my console and LFG is always a hit or miss. After I found Destiny Gurus, I never missed out on any challenge  mode or raid since. Thanks guys!”- Austin B.


“I’ve tried since year one to go flawless in Trials of Osiris. My friends and I would always get to game 7 and lose. Finally, I decided to get professionals to help me out and now I have all the Trials gear and my guardian looks badass! Thanks Gurus!”- Clinton P.


“I recently paid destiny gurus to organize my characters and my vault space. Since year one I’ve collected so much gear. I never learned how to build the stats right for my guardians. They hopped on my account and within 3 hours, my vault was optimized and all of my characters were tier 11 and 12!! Thanks a lot guys!”- Michael S.


“I had a pretty bad experience with another destiny carry company and unfortunately I had one of my characters “accidentally” erased. Needless to say, since then, I’ve been a bit gun shy to trust another company. I met one of the Gurus on PSN and he convinced me to give it another try. I got to watch them complete raids and optimize my account. I fully trust and endorse them.”- Matt P.


“These guys rock!!!!!”- Simon F.