How does this work?

Choose one of the options to which you would like to purchase on our site. Fill in all of the necessary information needed to continue. Once your order has been received, it will be assigned to one of our Gurus and you will be contacted when your order is about to start. Wait times vary depending on what you have purchased. Usually within 24 hours.


How do I know when my order has been completed?

You are sent a confirmation email when your order has started and when it has been completed. if you would like a different way of communication, list it in the additional information option in the checkout screen. If you have any security codes prior to logging into your account, please be sure to add that in the information bar as well.


How long do I have to wait until you start my order?

We operate off of a first come, first served system. Our Gurus specialize in everything that we offer, so our goal is keep you satisfied and worry free. We will make sure any orders before reset that have been purchased before our cutoff time, will be completed before reset.


How do I know this isn’t a scam?

To be honest, you can’t. Read the reviews of our past clients and make the decision yourself. We at Destiny Gurus strive for 100% transparency with all of our clients. Often times, streaming so the client can watch.


Will any of my items on my character be deleted/infused?

That will be up to you. We offer account management as one of our options. Go check that out in the shop page.


Why are your prices a better value than ALL of the other websites?

One of the reasons we can offer the best value, is because we stop taking orders for that day at 5pm PST and complete EVERY order (except quests that require more time) that night. This way we can utilize our Gurus time and yours more efficiently! By saving our time, we save you money!


How do we contact you if we have any further questions?

Feel free to email us at destinygurusofficial@gmail.com for any further questions you might have.